WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE)

Today we received the very positive news that VMware Australia has been awarded Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) from the Workplace Gender Quality Agency for the second year in a row. As an IT company, this is a very proud moment for us. The award means a lot to me personally also. It symbolises the progress we are making to shift the needle of equality in the IT industry, a field that has traditionally been dominated by men. At VMware we pride ourselves on our approach to enable equal opportunity and innovation – diversity is in our DNA and this award pays tribute to our investment towards initiatives in this space.

When many people think of VMware they will instinctively default to the notion of us as an industry leading virtualization and cloud software company – they are right. But what they might not question is the journey involved in getting there. For me it’s simple, it’s about the people. At VMware we know that a diverse workforce drives innovation and that this innovation in turn delivers business outcomes, therefore we see a direct business benefit as a result of nurturing a workplace environment with equal employee opportunities at the core.

To achieve this, we have set in place a number of internal policies which assist in ensuring staff members are provided with opportunities to learn and progress within along any chosen career path. At VMware I’m proud of the internal policies we have in play to help support and grow our very diverse workforce including our Diversity Council which is of particular personal importance to me. However, our internal policies are only the beginning. We must look at a much bigger picture, one which incorporates not only VMware employees, but the entire IT Industry.

Across various industries today, it is surprising to still see the segregation between career paths taken by men and women, and it’s particularly apparent in the technology industry. So it’s essential that people in the position to help change this trend are taking action. This is more than just promoting gender equality outcomes – it’s about promoting equal opportunities for all employees and the broader tech industry. I think the C-Suite has a role to play here. We have an obligation to help drive this change equality in the technology industry, and further. This can be achieved by creating workplaces which allow flexible working arrangements and encourage equality. It’s up to the CEOs to be the driving force behind this.

This will take time, but we are making progress. We must not become complacent. Being attributed with the EOCGE recognition demonstrates that VMware is playing a leading role in the shift away from traditional stringent company structures to an environment where individuals are judged on skill sets and talent above all.


By Duncan Bennet – Vice President & Managing Director, VMware Australia and New Zealand