VMworld 2016 General Session – Tuesday

Competitive Advantage in the Multi-Cloud Era
Connecting People, Apps & Data to Propel your Business Forward

Join us as Sanjay Poonen, VMware’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing and Global Head of Marketing and Communications, VMware Chief Technology Officer Ray O’Farrell and a group of senior executives across VMware business units highlight how VMware is enhancing the user experience by simplifying the development, deployment and security of all apps, no matter where they’re running.

Cloud has been the single most transformative phenomenon in technology over the past decade. It has ushered in an era of nearly unlimited choice for IT professionals, developers and business decision makers. But the problem today is there is an increasing number of public cloud choices. This has created silos, internal and external, which generates a new set of problems. In this world of many different clouds, a business’s apps will either reside in one of them permanently, or span many clouds dynamically. Networking and security in the cloud era is teeming with new opportunities, new challenges and of course the potential for chaos – created from a lack of consistent security and compliance across clouds.

A software-defined, network fabric that spans many clouds is the foundation on which many multi-cloud security and management services are built. One key benefit to a distributed, virtualized multi-cloud network is that customers can easily move workloads from a private data center to a public cloud or between clouds, and preserve existing network and security settings. Innovations in network virtualization, cloud-native apps, cloud management and digital workspaces have made this multi-cloud revolution possible. And hyper-converged Infrastructure has revolutionized private cloud deployment. The end-game is to propel businesses forward connecting people, apps, data and devices all the way to IoT.

You are not alone in this journey. Whether you are a CxO, business leader, IT admin, network engineer, software developer, cloud architect or technologist, or on the DevOps team, you will find something of great interest in the VMworld 2016 general sessions. We will demonstrate deep compatibility between clouds and together with our partner ecosystem, provide a simplified end-user experience that unifies access to all apps, no matter where they reside or run. Hear from customers who are already successfully leading this transformation and from our executive team, who are committed to helping you succeed.