vFORUM: Don’t let cybersecurity constrain your strategy. Here’s how

vFORUM: Don’t let cybersecurity constrain your strategy.

Here’s how

Ray Maisano, Director Networking & Security, VMware

There’s an often-heard axiom in business circles that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The same applies when you replace culture with cybersecurity. Only with resilient, adaptable cyber defences can business leaders create and realise effective strategies for growth. That’s because a secure environment gives staff the licence to operate, and innovate, without fear that their creative impulses will compromise the very intellectual property they’re working to develop.

In a time where cyber-attacks are more sudden and sophisticated than ever before, is strong security even attainable? It is – provided enterprises build security into the very fabric of everything they do. The most robust approaches to security rely on first-principles and rigorous processes, not the most sophisticated technology, to keep enterprise data and operations safe no matter the situation.

At vFORUM 2017, we’ve also taken a “baked-in” approach to security in our sessions and the big IT issues that they cover. Security will feature heavily in the keynotes from our global COO, Sanjay Poonen, and our CTO of Global Field, Chris Wolf – both of whom have extensive first-hand experience of embedding security in the innovation process. Our technical and deep-dive sessions on cloud and mobile will also bring to the fore many of the security issues IT faces when deploying new platforms, and some of the most strategic ways of remedying them.

Of course, security also features as its own talk track at this year’s vFORUM, and I’m looking forward to (gently) challenging our audience to think differently about what makes a system or platform secure. We’ll be discussing VMware’s first-principles approach to security in its own stack, founded on principles like “least privilege” – preventing applications and platforms from behaving in ways they shouldn’t, rather than only looking for inherently suspicious behaviours. That gives employees the confidence that even if they do introduce new applications to support strategy, they don’t risk breaching the organisation’s defences – minimizing the “chilling effect” that cybersecurity can otherwise have on innovation, while also missing far less potential hazards to the business.

Those basics have informed many of our own security services, like our AppDefense security solution that, for the first time ever, brings granular application monitoring to all apps running across virtualized and cloud environments. All vFORUM attendees will get the chance to experience AppDefense first-hand in our Security Showcase, and paid participants will get more in-depth access to the solutions in our TechDay session on transforming security.

If cybersecurity eats strategy for breakfast, it’s only logical that businesses try their best to make it a part of their culture. Join us at vFORUM 2017 – basic registration is free – and you’ll see how highly innovative businesses, VMware included, are already doing so. See you there!