vFORUM: Is desktop computing dead?

vFORUM: Is desktop computing dead?

The days of “one device, one desktop” are over – and about time, too. Today’s employees work far more flexibly than ever before, despite the hurdles posed by traditional desktop infrastructure. But for businesses to really tap into their talent’s full potential, they need to embrace a “many device, one desktop” model – and that means often-radical shifts to their IT architecture.

Andrew Fox, Director, Business Mobility and End User Computing, VMWare ANZ

Until recently, that model has proven hard to get off the ground. Virtual desktop infrastructure has typically struggled to provide a completely consistent, secure, and high-performing user experience across multiple device types and operating systems. To make it worse, IT leaders often find themselves using separate platforms for desktop management and security – further complicating matters for users, encouraging “shadow IT” workarounds to their limitations, and creating potential vulnerabilities to the organisation.

At this year’s vFORUM 2017 event, one of our focal points for discussion is the future of the desktop and enterprise mobility. The event’s theme is TRANSFORM – and that’s what enterprise IT will need to do if it wants the desktop experience to not only meet, but exceed what end-users already expect from their personal devices and platforms. Unless we can do that, digital workspaces will never reach their full potential, and neither will our employees who inhabit them.

VMware has been investing heavily in its enterprise mobility solutions to deliver that truly unified end-user experience. Workspace ONE, our latest enterprise mobility platform, has broken new ground in many areas. It’s the first to offer UX, management, and security across all endpoint platforms in a single unified console. It’s the first platform of its kind to manage Chrome devices, as well as other workplace staples like iOS, Android, and Windows 10. And it offers unique integration with APIs from most major endpoints, making it far more adaptable to updates to users’ devices and operating systems as they occur.

Platforms like Workspace ONE will be critical to bringing our employees’ desktop experience up to speed with tomorrow, but they’re only one part of the equation. At vFORUM 2017, we’ll also have partners like HP talking about the need for new hardware delivery models, such as their new “device-as-a-service” approach to fleet management. Even more importantly, business users and IT leaders alike will need to become familiar – and accepting – of the technology in their workspaces, something our hands-on demonstrations at the event should help to do.

The desktop isn’t dead – in fact, it’s evolving faster than ever before. But businesses will have to rethink infrastructure, security, and device management if they want to also survive and thrive. Register now for vFORUM 2017 – standard admission is free – and find out how.