Unlocking radically simple IT with vCloud Air

At VMware, our vision is centred on empowering IT to help organisations become more agile, responsive and profitable. The quick and reliable delivery of applications and services from any device, anytime, anywhere is a key component in improving agility – but it’s an area in which many organisations still struggle. They want their applications to run better. They want flexibility. They want the benefits of running applications on the Cloud, without the headache of non-essential spending, and managing, securing and networking a different platform.

vCloud Air is a solution developed by listening to those needs. It gives organistions any application, with no changes – a seamless extension of what they’re already doing on premise. vCloud Air offers infrastructure, disaster recovery and applications services that help customers extend their data centre into the public cloud, bringing together the best of both worlds. It allows customers to manage workloads once but deploy anywhere – a bit like the Software-Defined Data Center “for rent.”

vCloudAir sets itself apart from the pack in three main ways: It provides seamless compatibility between on premise and cloud, instills trust with built-in availability services and redundancy and offers greater networking flexibility, easily extending configurations from on premises to off premises.

Seamless Compatibility – VMware pioneered the virtualisation revolution ten years ago withvSphere, on which thousands of customers have built virutalised internal data centres. As it is built on the same trusted vSphere platform, vCloud Air allows workloads to be run the same, regardless of whether they’re on premise or in the cloud. There’s no need to modify applications as they’re moved into the public cloud and both new and existing apps can reside on the same platform.

This means that organisations can leverage the same tools and operational processes currently being used to manage on premise. A common management orchestration platform simplifies the transition for operational teams, who do not need to learn new skillsets or bring in a separate team to manage the public cloud. This allows customers to move at their own pace, using existing tools and teams.

Availability services and redundancy built into platform – Another benefit of sharing the vSphere platform is that vCloud Air boasts many of the same reliable features. It automatically monitors all servers and if there’s a catastrophic failure, immediately re-starts all affected virtual machines (VMs) on hot standby hardware in the same vCloud Air cluster. At reboot time, the VM’s file system is exactly as it was before the failure, allowing the operating system and application to recover quickly. It also has exactly the same network configuration – MAC addresses, IP addresses and so on – ensuring other VMs can communicate with the new VM without reconfiguration. Competitors, by contrast, do not offer this redundant capacity, automatic monitoring, or fast VM restart.

Networking Flexibility – By incorporating VMware’s network virtualization technology into vCloud Air, we are able to recreate the same complexities and level of sophistication built into internal data centres. This makes it easy for customers to extend their network to the cloud without investing in new hardware or specialisations. This hybrid cloud experience extends to include seamless networking in that things like firewall and NAT rules can extended from on premises to off premises.

With this flexibility, organisations can divide resources into more easily managed virtual data centers and allocate by department, region, development group, project group, business unit. Customers also have the ability to instantly relocate workloads back and forth between onsite data center and offsite public cloud infrastructures as well as across dev, test and production environments. This doesn’t require application changes, reconfiguration or recoding of apps or redesigning architectures to enable an application to run in a cloud environment.

vCloud Air is the next step in the evolution of the software-defined data center architecture. It enables radically simpler and more efficient IT, without migrating, changing or reconfiguring workloads across hybrid onsite and offsite infrastructures. With a common platform that spans both private and public cloud, vCloud Air enables organisations to dynamically scale their IT infrastructure without changing the way they run it.

vCloud Air is now available in Australia and we’re thrilled to be able to begin enabling Australian businesses to create an agile and resilient IT platform for innovation and business transformation.

Hear from some of our local partners about what the availability of vCloud Air means for them and their customers.