People & Processes: The Keys to Cloud Automation

People & Processes: The Keys to Cloud Automation

When it comes to automation, most technologists today might immediately think of improved business efficiency, self-driving autos, the manufacturing industry or perhaps the provisioning of new systems and virtual machines.

Rarely would someone’s mind jump to a vision of a high-level business executive in his or her corner office, but according to Ajay Singh, VMware’s General Manager of the company’s Cloud Management team, this pivotal shift in mindset could be the key to successful cloud adoption.

In a recent roundtable with other VMware Cloud Management team members, Singh explains: “It’s hard to adopt automation because it requires people and process changes. One of the most important keys to addressing this challenge is having the right level of top down sponsorship.”

While automation is the underpinning of any successful cloud deployment, new research from VMware shows that successful implementation and execution remains a challenge for organisations. However, organisations that achieve the level of top down sponsorship Singh describes are able to achieve more and move faster in terms of cloud adoption.

In addition to embracing organisational change management, most companies are wrestling with a second “people” issue – that of an ever-widening skills gap. Application development teams are adopting innovative technologies at a faster rate than ever before, a trend which is particularly relevant to those working with containers and cloud native applications.

Given this knowledge, it stands to reason that technological diversity can be another significant barrier to cloud adoption. Purnima Padmanabhan, VP of Product Management on VMware’s Cloud Management team, highlights that “customers almost always have a very wide spectrum of platforms” upon which they operate. How must IT attack this challenge? Padmanabhan stresses the importance of low-friction environments that also allow for choice and agility.

To learn more about the changes in approach to people and processes necessary for true cloud adoption success, listen to the full roundtable discussion (embedded above) featuring Ajay Singh and Purnima Padmanabhan, along with fellow VMware Cloud Management team members Sajai Krishnan (VP of Product Marketing) and Mike Wookey (CTO).