Network Visionary: SugarCreek CIO Leads Innovation in the Food Industry

Network Visionary: SugarCreek CIO Leads Innovation in the Food Industry

Ed Rodden, CIO of SugarCreek, a privately held food processing company based in the American Midwest, is not a typical CIO. “I’m fairly unique,” he says, “in that I’m not from the technology side.” But what makes Rodden truly unique is that under his leadership, SugarCreek has become one of the most innovative companies in the food industry today.

Revolutionising the Food Industry

To support SugarCreek’s growth and other business goals, Rodden is leading the company’s implementation of a number of VMware technologies, including VMware NSX. “VMware now underlies all of our business processes,” Rodden says, “and connects all our operations.” It’s a transformation that Rodden credits, in part, to bringing an outsider’s perspective to his CIO position. Because of it, he says, “I have a tendency to spend a lot of time in the business.” This leads him to think how technology can best support SugarCreek’s business goals while aiming to revolutionise the food industry: a goal the company set in motion with the 2016 opening of the largest sous vide food processing plant in North America.

Rodden says that before VMware, SugarCreek’s network was based on a physical infrastructure that required more effort and cost to manage, secure, and operate. NSX, with its micro-segmentation and automation capabilities, has changed that scenario completely. Most notably, NSX allows Rodden’s relatively lean staff of 20 IT professionals to efficiently manage and control all of SugarCreek’s six manufacturing operations and 2,000 employees.

“I like to say that we’re a tech company operating as a food company,” Rodden says, “and I think that’s true of most successful businesses today.”

Watch the video to learn more from Ed Rodden about how SugarCreek is using VMware NSX to improve its business and support its business goals. Then explore the full story on how SugarCreek is leading a culinary revolution.