Introducing New Digital Workspace Innovations at VMworld 2017

Introducing New Digital Workspace Innovations at VMworld 2017

By Sumit Dhawan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, End-User Computing

Sumit Dhawan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since our last VMworld. To say the End User Computing team has had a busy year is an understatement. We have added many innovations to our product portfolio and the industry has taken notice. Both IDC and Gartner recognised VMware as a leader in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space. Additionally, Gartner named VMware a leader in Virtual Client Computing (VCC). Not to mention we’ve added new partners and expanded our relationship with existing partners to continue to build out our broad partner ecosystem across strategic areas – application and development platforms, security, identify and content.

The way we work and the devices we use have evolved rapidly and the way we manage and secure those endpoints must also evolve to meet changing business needs. I’m proud to introduce our latest innovations, which were unveiled at VMworld 2017, that address these evolving needs and will transform the end user and IT experience.

New innovations introduced at VMworld make Workspace ONE the industry’s first digital workspace solution to unify end user experience, management and security for all endpoint platforms. Customers will now have the ability to use Workspace ONE as a single solution to enable unified endpoint management (UEM) and user experience across all endpoint platforms including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android. In addition, Workspace ONE will now uniquely integrate application programming interfaces (APIs) from major endpoint platform providers to stay in lock-step with the latest innovations in devices and applications.

Without further fanfare, let’s dive right into the news.

Expanding Mobile Capabilities To Modernise User Experience & Management Across All OS Platforms

We are on a mission to take complexity out of PC lifecycle management and make the experience as seamless as booting up and managing a mobile device. At VMworld, we unveiled several new technology capabilities that aim to modernise and simplify PC lifecycle management.

Workspace ONE will now integrate with peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution technology to install large applications to distributed PCs at scale. This eliminates the need for costly branch office servers and reduces risk of network bandwidth issues caused when multiple users try to download a multi-gigabyte OS update. Workspace ONE will also integrate with Microsoft Intune Graph APIs, which enables Office 365 application data loss prevention (DLP) policies to be managed in Workspace ONE alongside other application security and DLP policies. IT administrators can enforce and manage policies, such as preventing copy and paste, to bring security all the way down to the data level.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Dell to drop ship Windows 10 systems directly to end users without manual setup and configuration from IT. This means that an employee can now receive a new laptop and be up and running in minutes with out-of-the-box enrollment and self-service applications.

Finally, we announced a partnership with HP, Inc. that will add Workspace ONE to HP Device as a Service (DaaS) to simplify PC acquisition and lifecycle management using cloud-based technology.

Transforming Traditional Windows Applications Delivery

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) continues to power key business processes for our customers. We’ve continued to evolve our VDI technology, VMware Horizon, and new innovations announced today will help customers deliver Windows applications in the cloud.

Horizon 7 integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC VDI Complete with Horizon Apps makes infrastructure elastic, integrating compute, storage, networking and infrastructure management together. This eliminates the need for deep planning and operational visibility for infrastructure components. Together with Horizon Cloud, customers now have options for elastic infrastructure for on-premises or cloud. Furthermore, management of Windows desktops and applications can be automated with the VMware Just in Time Management Platform (JMP), and a technology preview that integrates JMP platform technologies (Instant Clone, VMware App Volumes™ and User Environment Manager) into a single console will further simplify management.

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence

Last, but certainly not least, we’re excited to introduce a new offering – Workspace ONE Intelligence. An add-on service, Workspace ONE Intelligence will deliver comprehensive insight and automated actions across the Digital Workspace platform to help accelerate planning, enhance security and improve experience. IT will have access to data-driven insights around application deployment, usage, device security and end user experience to help improve the performance and security of their digital workspace environment. Workspace ONE Intelligence also features a rules engine that will automate actions to remediate security or performance issues in real time.


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