Finding the right mentor is easy right? Think again!

Looking to grow? Trying to find the right mentor with the right skills is easy right? Think again!

I’m one of those people who absolutely love the idea of working in a global organisation. I get to tap into different ideas, different cultures, ways of doing things and I’m pleased to say that hardly a day goes by when I don’t learn something new. All of us need mentors along the way, people we learn from, ask questions and confide in when we are just not sure. But how do you find them? Especially when you may be early into your career or haven’t quite built the network you need?

As a full time working Mum with two young boys, I have a plethora of people I regularly tap into. I have the working “Super Mum” of four who encourages me when I’m frantic – yes you can do it, if I can, the Finance Director who talks me through all the figures when it just won’t add up, the HR coach who gives me a little push around personal wellbeing and an army of fellow HR professionals who keep me up to speed with what is happening in the industry. I wonder if you have thought about how to build your network and tap into great mentors. How do you go about finding people with the right skills and insights to help guide you to where you want to go? It’s not always easy.

At VMware, we’ve decided to make it much easier to connect with others who have the skills you want to learn most or to be a mentor yourself, and support others. As part of our vision to innovate faster and tap into the brains trust within our organisation, we offer employees access to an exclusive digital mentor-matching tool called ‘Mentor Exchange’ to unite people and purpose.

The tool is timely, purposeful and mobile and expands the digital tools on offer to employees to engage in online communities for professional development. Through LinkedIn, Workday and our Mentor Exchange platform we can deliver greater visibility of a wide range of global skills and learning opportunities. We use the Mentor Exchange tool to dynamically match participants based on skills they wish to share and skills they wish to learn. It’s also self-directed which allows users to make many more connections.

In addition, each team member is encouraged to join the VMware virtual community, powered by Socialcast, to connect and engage with the global VMware employee network. These conversations become catalysts for new ideas and improvement uniting people and purpose, regardless of borders.

If you’re thinking about your growth and want to tap into more than 19,000 potential mentors at VMware, go to VMware Careers to view our career opportunities.

Linda Hamill – HR Director, VMware

VMware was named #39 in Forbes ‘Most Innovative Companies for 2015’, listed among FORTUNE’s ‘Best Companies to Work For in 2016 and awarded #26 in 2016 in Computerworld’s ‘100 Best Places to Work in IT’, recognised for three years running.