The Digital Workspace Is Not Your Father’s Business Mobility

The Digital Workspace Is Not Your Father’s Business Mobility


Business mobility has always been a fluid concept. Traditionally, enterprise has largely equated business mobility with mobile devices. It seems almost surprising now, but it was not more than a decade ago that business mobility first referred to mobile devices, primarily the BlackBerry, which was given to select employees to keep in touch by phone and email.

Today, the scenario is quite different. The concept of mobility now encompasses a huge selection of mobile devices. “But despite this change, enterprises continue to think of business mobility as just a way to enable mobile devices,” says Sumit Dhawan, VMware’s SVP and GM, End-User Computing Desktop Products and Workspace ONE. “That’s not what mobility means anymore.”

The Emergence of the Digital Workspace

The reality is that business mobility is about far more than just enabling mobile devices. What’s more important today is the need for people to access the work-related information they need from wherever they are, regardless of the device they’re using, whether inside the corporate network or not.

“This is a profound change in how people work, and that’s how the emergence of the digital workspace is different,” says Dhawan. “The place where people work is no longer a physical location.” The digital workspace transcends a definition of business mobility that’s centered on devices and “working remotely.”

“The digital workspace is our vision for enabling people to get access to any application, on any device, from any location,” says Dhawan, “with consumer-like simplicity and enterprise-grade security.” In this definition, it makes no difference where the information is—traditional networking or client-server, web, cloud, SaaS, or the end user’s device. The VMware vision for the digital workspace embraces them all.

Watch the video to hear from Sumit Dhawan about VMware’s vision for the digital workspace, then read on to learn about customers who are already experiencing the benefits of VMware’s digital workspace solution.

This vision is encapsulated in the unique architecture of VMware Workspace ONE.  “Workspace ONE integrates mobile management, desktop management, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), applications, and identity management into a single solution,” explains Dhawan. “It creates the foundation to deliver information from any site.” For the majority of enterprises facing the opportunity and challenge of digital transformation, the digital workspace offers the capabilities needed to help engineer the transformation quicker, easier, and more securely.

Many of VMware’s customers are already seeing great success in this digital workspace solution. Autodesk, a multinational software company, has undergone massive digital transformation with the help of VMware. “Our vision is to help customers imagine, design, and create a better world,” says Prakash Kota, VP of IT at Autodesk. The company is in process of transforming from a desktop-based software company to a services company, and in undergoing this transformation Autodesk is committed to empowering its global workforce to be more productive. Enter VMware and the Workspace ONE digital workspace solution. This solution allows Autodesk’s IT team to deliver on its three driving principles: remain always on and always ready—there’s no time for downtime, focus on security, and help the Autodesk workforce make the necessary mind shift during this digital transformation.

Digital Transformation and the Workforce

Digital transformation means leveraging digital technology to change every aspect of how a business works and operates: from handling formerly manual tasks, to customer sales and relationship management, to running back-office operations. To do so, the enterprise needs a new way to get access to the technology, applications, and processes at a more rapid pace. It is a challenge that goes beyond just technology issues, and it requires what Dhawan calls a “mind shift” on the part of the organization to learn how to rethink its overall network strategy.

The adoption of a digital workspace platform like Workspace ONE facilitates an organizational mind shift. “With Workspace ONE,” says Dhawan, “organizations have the capability to make this transition much quicker” because they can securely adopt new applications at a more rapid pace. “Removing silos involves more than just removing technology,” Dhawan continues. “It’s also about horizontal strategies versus vertical strategies.” Rather than individual teams focusing on just their aspect of the network environment, Workspace ONE compels them to change their approach and think of the network holistically. Their point of view is now extended across the network, and not confined to just their particular former area of expertise. That expertise is still valuable, Dhawan adds; it is just employed in a different way.

A Platform for the Future

Dhawan says that customers quickly realize the value of the digital workspace as the platform they need to speed their digital transformation. El Al, Israel’s national airline, accomplished its digital transformation with help from VMware. The airline can now provide its flight crews with simple and immediate access to important passenger information, as well as an internal and secure app store that ensures passenger information remains protected.

The digital workspace also greatly expands the capabilities and possibilities of what was formerly referred to as business mobility. As a comprehensive platform, Workspace ONE facilitates faster provisioning of applications at much lower cost. It also significantly enhances mobile security by providing visibility across the entire stack: from the endpoint to the data center. And, perhaps most important, it offers a far better user experience for a more productive and happier workforce. Sprint, for example, has deployed a digital workspace solution designed to increase employee productivity and to bring those employees closer to their end users.

The digital workspace, as exemplified by VMware Workspace ONE, redefines both the work experience and the meaning of business mobility. It is designed as the work platform for a more mobile and cloud-based world, in which the workspace is no longer a physical location but a virtual one. For Dhawan, though, these benefits are just scratching the surface of what the digital workspace will bring. “In addition to technology that benefits businesses,” Dhawan concludes, “I’m most passionate about how it benefits people’s lives. We’re changing the way people live and work every day.”