Defining diversity at VMware: No Limits!

By LindaDefining diversity at VMware: No Limits!

From the very beginning, VMware has aspired to create an inclusive and diverse workforce, as we truly believe it’s the key to innovation and business success. Our goal is to harness the power of human difference to drive great business outcomes for our employees, customers and shareholders. Much like technology, our employees constantly evolve and change, and this has continued to inspire us to better reflect cultural change and foster an innovative, inclusive workplace.

As part of this journey in ANZ, we established VMware’s Diversity Council more than six years ago, an initiative led by our employees, and an invitation for our team to get involved in the joint mission of creating a truly diverse organisation.

More recently, we announced VMinclusion, which broadens our stance on diversity and focuses on systemic change. Our CEO Pat Gelsinger is leading the charge as our executive champion. In the coming months and years, this initiative will further fuel our cultural inclusion practices, and ensure every employee at VMware is accountable to improve female and diverse representation and to work together to enact positive change. Ultimately we believe this is how we will sustain our reputation as a leading employer of choice, as well as meet our ambitious business goals.

While there is much work to be done, we are thrilled to see the difference we’ve made to-date. Some of the most notable achievements of the team include: Flexible working arrangements for the entire team; formal diversity KPIs and regular reporting on diversity metrics each quarter; gender remuneration gap analysis; representation at Females in Information Technology & Telecommunications industry events and an ongoing Mentor Exchange Program and peer networking platform, to name a few.

Locally, our new Managing Director of ANZ, Alister Dias, shares his observations. “In my first month at VMware, I’ve been truly impressed by the appetite for inclusion within a large global organisation, facilitated by technology like social cast and a global mentor matching portal. The recent global launch of VMinclusion is testament to the motivation to maintain the great place to work status and I’m excited to see how it unfolds in our ANZ business under my leadership. Disruption in our industry is driven by constant innovation and this is founded on diversity of thought. I’m heartened to see the activities in place to drive awareness of unconscious bias and a true practice of flexible working to support a culture that values diversity.

Looking ahead, VMware are enabling team members in meaningful ways, with VMinclusion processes grounded in the business, rather than programs, to further engage with and support our team:

  • The VMinclusion Socialcast platform allows everyone to share ideas, build a collaborative and inclusive community and share news about initiatives and opportunities to connect
  • Unconscious Bias training to provide a common framework and language to uncover unconscious biases that unfold in the workplace.
  • DIALOGUE Circles, a six-month research-based curriculum for women to navigate gender bias in the workplace and advance women’s leadership at VMware.

Other unique opportunities that our team enjoy include:

  • A global Mentor Exchange platform that enables team members all over the world to connect and learn from each other.
  • An active community service program to give back to organisations that mean the most to each individual, financially and also by giving their time. Some use this to help with environmental regeneration, others mentor young children, and some of our working Mums and Dads choose to spend time giving back to the communities that mean so much to themĀ and their kids schools.

These are just some of the initiatives we’ll be launching in the next few months in our local business, and we hope all of our employees are proud to be part of an organisation that places such a focus on diversity.

By Linda Hamill