Choose your own Learning Adventure

Choose your own Learning Adventure


In this blog post, Linda Hamill (Human Resources Director at VMware) discusses VMware’s training strategy for the future.


2016 has and continues to be one of the most critical times to develop our business capabilities and to develop them fast. With the ever accelerating rate of change in all industries, the need to stay relevant to customers, partners and people is at an all-time high. Couple this with time poor lives and ever narrowing attention spans, it’s clear to see that our approach to continuous development and innovation needs to step up a gear too!

Enter the era of micro learning. This new era, in which targeted content can be found any time, on any device, enables people to access important bite-size, time critical content whenever it is required. Just the other day, my dishwasher wouldn’t start so I Googled a quick fix before heading out to my son’s football game. Without much searching at all, I found out that the filter was full, as such, I was able to empty the container and get out the door just in time.

Businesses are experiencing continued pressure to equip their staff with the most up-to-date, relevant training, on the smallest budgets. The days of sitting in a classroom, to absorb a limited amount of content and to apply even less when back on the job, are long redundant.

At VMware, we wanted to drive a style of learning across our middle-manager level that resinated with our workers and helped them grow professionally. To do this, we designed a learning program that enables our managers to access personalised learning experiences relevant to their current needs and career direction, anytime and on any device.

Through online delivery, mangers are able to access a range of materials, including on-demand content from relevant thought leaders from around the globe. Through this, they are able to engage in social collaboration with thought leaders as well as their other peers across the world, to share experiences. The program leverages engagement results from across teams to identify strengths and gaps based on VMware’s managerial practices. Managers can then choose the most relevant bite sized learning to focus their development on, to deliver impactful behaviour change in the moment.

I’m a big believer in measuring impact over effort, so I look forward to seeing the results on our business performance and engagement at VMware. Not to mention how we can scale this style of learning without blowing the training budget.

Linda Hamill is the Human Resource Director for VMware Australia.