vFORUM: Why “better” is no longer enough for customers

Why “better” is no longer enough for customers


Matthew Chamley, Director, Systems Engineering – ANZ, VMware

Arthur C Clarke, one of the most famous science fiction writers of all time, famously claimed that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. We’re starting to see that magic all around us, in everything from the smartphones we carry to robots in our factories and, as our CEO Pat Gelsinger wrote about recently, software that can literally save lives. Today, customers expect their IT infrastructure and solutions to deliver not simply better performance, but magical results – the sort that transform entire business models or industries.

That means anyone involved in IT needs to rethink what their job really involves. Success in IT is no longer defined solely by cost reductions, efficiency gains, or performance boosts. Instead, IT leaders must become champions of innovation: not only applying technology to business challenges in fundamentally new ways, but delivering the infrastructure and services that turn these innovations into a reliable part of the organisation.

To do so, IT leaders will have to apply radical new models to how they provision, manage, and secure their infrastructure. Multi-cloud management, software containerisation, centralised security infrastructure – all these are becoming increasingly common as businesses seek to get more out of once-disruptive IT models. Business leaders have increasingly ambitious goals for their IT infrastructure, not only must it perform incredibly complex tasks, but also be accessible from any device, at any time. The ability to build creative, unique applications on top of these new infrastructure models – that’s the secret to successful business transformation.

In this year’s vFORUM 2017 event, we’ll be helping IT leaders become both visionaries and practitioners when it comes to innovation. This year, the event’s theme is TRANSFORM – a word I feel applies not just to digital technology, but how we think about its impact and potential.

In terms of vision, Sanjay Poonen and Chris Wolf, two of our most experienced global executives, will be presenting this year’s keynote on how IT leaders can make the shift from problem-solving to opportunity-creation. In terms of deep-dive expertise, our TechDay sessions will bring together proven solutions and best-practice guidelines for digital workspaces, security architecture, and hybrid cloud optimisation.

Business leaders increasingly expect IT to go beyond business-as-usual and start creating innovative, unprecedented business opportunities. When you sign up for vFORUM this year, you’ll get more than a taste of how to work that magic in your organisation. Hope to see you there.