Be Bold For Change

Be Bold For Change


In this blog post, Linda Hamill (Human Resources Director at VMware) discusses our initiatives and commitments to workplace gender equality.

Anita Borg Institute’s research, Climbing the Technical Ladder, has found that the odds of being in a high-level position are 2.7 times as great for men than for women.

I believe workplace gender equality will be achieved by employers taking action and employees holding them to account. We all have a role to play.

Last week, we celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD). This year’s theme asks us to Be Bold For Change.  Every year, I’ve seen that IWD can be an important catalyst for driving greater change for women and a vehicle for moving closer to gender parity.

At VMware, we’re deeply committed to working across the industry towards building communities for women in tech and growing the next generation of women leaders.

So, what do we really do in practice to make sure we’re making strides to address the current state of affairs in this field?


This week…

To mark IWD 2017 and explore ways of being bold for change, Women in Leadership ANZ hosted a special panel discussion in Sydney, with our very own Kerrie-Anne Turner, Head of General Business & Channels in ANZ, as a key spokesperson on the talented panel.

The event was streamed live around CSC Australia and New Zealand via Workplace by Facebook.


At the end of last month, we held our second annual Women Transforming Technology Conference (WT2).   It was another great success, bringing together industry leaders and community organisations committed to gender diversity at all levels across the tech industry.

Speaker slots ranged from a panel of senior female technology executives sharing their own experiences of breaking through barriers throughout their careers, to an ex-Marine Corp offering leadership advice by sharing her own personal experiences and lessons learned from time on active military duty – and how they’re applicable in tech.

Another great session focused on how you can leverage your knowledge and skillset in technology as a force for good. The panel of thought-leaders shared strategies and practical tips and the session completely challenged assumptions about influence skills by examining the importance of “influenceability in leading for impact” – and creating a purposeful career in the process!

Leadership summit…

Last week, all of our Senior Directors attended a leadership summit and a highlight was the topic of diversity.  It was a great investment of our company’s time to be dedicated to building our leaders’ understanding of the real value proposition of diversity. It highlighted diversity as a key way to solve complex business problems to come up with the best possible solutions – and the speaker, Scott Page talked through the statistics and evidence that backs this too!

Our great initiatives…

We started Code House at VMware to connect with women at the very beginning of their career. Women from universities around the world are invited to join us, so they could collaborate directly with a network of female engineers on a community project. It’s all about code and it’s all about women – and we’re very proud to be helping making great strides in this field.

Women Who Code is dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. WWCode’s research has proved that diverse teams perform better by increasing collective intelligence. What’s more, companies with the highest representation of women leadership have seen a 34% higher ROI than those with few or no women. As part of our partnership with WWCode, we work to support this generation in being, and becoming, leaders and role models in the tech industry.


Don’t forget our pledge…

As part of our inclusion commitment, we have agreed to: “implement and publish company-specific goals to recruit, retain, and advance diverse technology talent, and to create and sustain an inclusive culture”.

I’m of course a huge advocate of workplace gender equality and am very proud, we at VMware celebrate the women who are being bold for change.


Linda Hamill is the Human Resource Director for VMware Australia.