A New Model of IT

While organisations across every industry are exploring how cloud-based solutions can create a competitive advantage, many are struggling with how to make the best use of existing investments as well as future expansions, particularly in the face of constant disruption.

Meeting the challenges of today’s digital economy requires a new way of thinking. We like to call it ‘liquid business’. By going ‘liquid’, organisations embrace a new model of IT – one that allows them to innovate faster and in a way that grows their business, impresses their customers and empowers their employees all while eliminating complexity and security risks. vCloud Air is the epitome of this approach – giving IT a common platform to seamlessly extend their data centre into the public cloud while remaining in control. It offers IT cloud solutions to leverage existing solutions in four key ways – enabling a fluid, software-defined IT that is unconstrained by hardware and capable of instantly provisioning applications, offeringmeaningful choice and providing a profound new framework for IT security.

Agile programming of everything from applications to basic infrastructure is essential to make liquid business a reality. It requires fluidity – the ability to transcend the constraints of hardware-centric IT with hybrid solutions that offer flexible, software defined compute, networking and storage. With one cloud delivered on a trusted, single, software defined platform, we unite on-premises and public clouds and enable quick development, automatic deployment and secure consumption of all applications, anywhere.

Businesses also need to develop and deploy mission critical applications quickly. Through advanced application virtualization, VMware enables customers to innovate businessprocesses and operations that embrace mobile and cloud to streamline work and create new ways to engage with customers. With instant provisioning of the applications and services, businesses can drive revenue and build customer loyalty.

By offering multiple ways to control and manage cloud infrastructures, VMware also providesmeaningful choice where it matters most – allowing customers to manage their applications regardless of hardware, operating systems, and workloads. With the freedom to deliver windows and mobile applications, services and content from the cloud to any device in a matter of seconds, organisations can support a mobile workforce across heterogeneous platforms and devices.

The ability to secure application content while also simplifying management of users, devices, apps in a single console is a key component in realising greater operational and cost efficiency. With Virtual Workspaces, organisations can offer improved control for admins and greater simplicity for end-users, leading to efficiencies and rapid app provisioning.

With a liquid business, organisations are primed to innovate and differentiate. An agile software-defined approach allows businesses take control from disparate operating systems and put it into the hands of IT – empowering them to dynamically scale their IT infrastructures without changing the way they run it.

Local businesses can start enabling that innovation and transformation with vCloud Air. The service is now live for our Australian customers and ready to help deliver the next wave of agility and efficiency.

Hear from some of our local partners about what the availability of vCloud Air means for them and their customers.